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Princess & the Prom is a tax exempt 501 (c)(3) corporation founded in 2006 by Cheryle and Lauren Podgorski. Each year we hold a 3-day Gown Giveaway Event which provides over 600 Connecticut girls a unique shopping experience. Participants will find over 2,000 dresses to select from along with personal shoppers, private dressing rooms, accessories and goodie bags.

President - Dara DeCroce

Vice President/Secretary - Shane McDermott Jackson

Treasurer - Cheryle Podgorski

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A special thanks to our founding members Janet Almagro, Megan Almagro, Jane Bugbee, Barbara Maynard, Jenn Phillips, Cheryle Podgorski & Julie Reynolds and former officers, Christina A. Gorman and Allison Matthews-Wilson. 

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